I want to be a hermit writer, consumed by mind, free from society

like the unknown artists of every era – 

The dancer under city rain, musician by underground train grime, tattoo artist in a street parlor.

I want to write how I feel, wrap the words around my fingertips without hesitation, a writing

borne from hunger, sustained by deep love, 

writing until my fingers callouse, writing for simple pleasure, writing when arthritis takes over my hands and I stare at the ceiling one last time.

I want to take leaps of faith, bounds of it, I want to write for you and everyone I love in this tragic world we call home.

I want to be a brave person, 

like when you let go of the handle bars 

and realize you have not fallen.



  1. “I want to write for you and everyone I love…” You sound as though you have a purpose… writing for someone as a kind of service? An act of love? A beautiful sentiment, especially in the context of a courageous act. I’d like to hear more about what need is met through writing. Your need and their need.

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    • Hi Aspen! I’ll definitely keep the idea of what needs are met through writing in mind and unravel this concept some more 🙂 Why I write is something I’ve been thinking about a lot these days (as someone whose primary career is in STEM). I remember a writer once said that he felt writing was another mode of thinking for him – thought that was a super interesting concept


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