Remember Those Days


She sits on the park bench, feet dangling by the edge– in one hand is an ice cream cone, and in the other is her father’s warm arm.

Suddenly, another hand is shaking her shoulders, “Are you ready to go? Do you plan to sit in this lame park forever, watching little kids with ice cream stains run around?”

Glancing one last time at the monkey bars that caused her first broken bone, she stands up, “Yeah, time to leave. This bench is cramping my legs. It is too small for me now.”


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week Thirty prompt. Great thought-provoking photo as always. 🙂  Hope you guys enjoy this piece!


  1. I’m late to the TLT party this week, but really enjoyed the story – a moment of reminiscing for your character. I’m wondering what it was about the watch that made your mind turn this way – the idea of time moving back and forth in our minds perhaps? Great tale

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  2. Aww..lovely story! ❤
    I'd like to think that soon she'll be back to the park,buying an ice cream cone,sitting on that very bench,holding a hand.Only the hand would be much softer and she would be sitting in the place of her father.The other hands would reach out to hold a shoulder each of the sitting duo,a sight perfect to be captured and kept out of the reach of time forever.

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