In this world full of noise I want to know how to breath,

deep breathes like Highland Yogis finding themselves, 

finding out that we are nothing but sustaining breathes bathed in flesh and bones, in perpetual decay, one step closer to demise, to the soil that birthed us like volcanic ash – once hot molten fiery things turned thin, crusted afterthoughts.

I want to breathe in the stillness next to you, breathe your breath, feel your chest rise and fall, the metronome of my life, twirl my finger around your chest hair, this ephemeral warm body, close my eyes and distill this moment into a time capsule, everlasting. 

In this world full of broken heart strings, dirt, grime, loud people, rich people, mean people, jealousy, rain, sunshine, cold, humid, I want to just sit next to you,

watch it pass us by, and at last feel at peace.



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