More than “perfect”

My body does not fit your cardboard cut out,

My normal is your insanity,

My laughter rings in an unaccepted key,

My eyes are a crescent moon,

not an innocent doe, sky blue

My skin is peach, gold, sometimes

a light mocha

My hair is a darkened shadow,

the afterthought in your art.


my beauty does not shape

into your mold,


nor do I want it to.



There is more to beauty than what our media defines as “beautiful” and “perfect.”  We don’t have to fit the mold to be beautiful. And this doesn’t just apply to physical beauty, it also pertains to personality traits, the way we carry ourselves, etc. From loud, talkative personalities, to quiet contemplative ones, we are all unique, incredible, amazing human beings. Never forget that ❤


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