Beginning of something new

A young man and woman sat on the floor of her bedroom. In between them was a bag of popcorn, a bottle of wine, and unspoken words that humidified the atmosphere. The woman was enraptured by the conversation topic at hand, and when excited, the pitch of her voice would reach a higher octave. The man provided good company, adding useful ideas, a calm soothing presence, but was more captivated by her than the conversation topic.

“I am just absolutely appalled by the system here. It’s outrageous,” the woman declares passionately. Her brown curls bounce in outrage as she shakes her head.

“Yes, it really detracts from the purpose of education and dampens our love for knowledge,” he replies in agreement. “More wine?”

“Oh sure, why the hell not,” she smiles and holds out her glass. “Wine and popcorn. The best combination for a Friday night.”

“Agreed,” the remaining red liquid is transferred to her cup. During the process, their bodies move closer, and both feel the other’s body heat radiating.
“Thanks,” she blushes and looks down.

“Rose, I…” he struggles to articulate everything he had been feeling inside

“I know,” she interrupts, smiling.

He smiles back.

“Popcorn?” She hands over the bag casually

“Wine and popcorn is the best combination for a Friday night,” he jokes.

And for a moment it felt like nothing else mattered but the harmony of their laughs, filling the room with something new.


Cherish those sweet beginnings 🙂


  1. Hi, I was interested in using the photo from this article of the popcorn wine and movie theme. I did not find it on any stock image sites, is it exclusively yours, do you own it? Did you take it? Please let me know if it is available for purchase, and exclusivity.

    Thanks so much!!

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