Love Me Softly


Darling, will you

unfold me for a little while

and caress these pages in your hands?

Will you

love me softly,

reveal my faults


unleash my demons


Love me steadily,

never surprised

but constantly amazed,

rhythmic wonder


the beats of our hearts.

Will you

let me love you–

Careful, at first,

remembering that you

are human too,

Gently, so

love becomes a continuum,

Softly, until

you become a constant,

so familiar yet so foreign.

Let me unfold your pages,

see spaces between

the ink,

laughter in every


and words

that roll off my tongue

like sweet

agave nectar

that drips







to you.


An updated version of my Love Me Softly poem, that was written this past summer!

Hope you guys like it. Let me know in the comments what you thought about the length and fluidity, and any stories that you may have regarding love, friendship, etc.


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