A piece of paradise

I’m in Pontevedra, Spain for some of the summer. It’s a northwest city near the coast, and breathtakingly beautiful. On the taxi ride to Pontevedra, I was seriously bewildered by the rolling hills, quaint, orange roofed houses, and rich blue sea. Although I’m not a habitual photo taker, this trip is an exception. I’ve been flipping out my phone to take photos of literally everything haha. So I decided to share my photos with you guys.

At some points, I might use a photograph as a “prompt” or starting point for a poetic piece. Other times, I’ll just share the photos and maybe a description!

The two pictures above are from a park near the dormitory that I’m living in. I absolutely love the graffiti against the bridge and trees.

A view of the city from the hospital that I’m shadowing at.

A yummy dish that I had for lunch. It’s called an ensaladilla, aka potato salad. Included carrots, beans, eggs, some tuna, and mayo.



If you guys want more posts about the language and culture of Spain. And maybe some info about cuisine habits, mealtimes, etc. let me know in the comments!


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