The Journey Back



The old man was done packing- instead of leaving him satisfied, the emptiness of the house created a profound sense of loss.

Crack, something broke under his foot and he smiled upon seeing it.

As he picked the flag up, his eyes lit up under hooded lids: maybe the end of one journey signals the beginning of a new one.




Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week Forty Nine

Hope you guys like this little story. I forgot how enjoyable writing these three line tales is. Will definitely be doing more of them in the future. 🙂 This photo in particular really resonated with me. I knew exactly what to depict upon seeing it, thus making this probably the speediest three line tales I have ever written!

Would love to hear your interpretations about the story and/or photo.


  1. Beautifully written ~ so very well done. Whenever I leave someplace (e.g., family, friends., etc.), I tend to get a little nostalgic. Perhaps a bit sad, as with the emotion felt in your first couple lines, and then without a doubt comes the feeling of “maybe the end of one journey signals the beginning of a new one.” And for me, there is nothing more exciting 🙂

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  2. Oh this is nice, lemme try to interpret it:

    This, is about a veteran journalist. He was writing a book about a certain phenomenon, social phenomenon perhaps, some unique habit of a secluded tribe maybe, something that requires him and his team to do a prolonged stay in a distant and foreign area. Then his observation was completed, the near-completed draft to the book was ready, and he had to return, thus the packing. He was the last man to finish to pack, all the heavy items were flown home first and his team was waiting outside, while he took one last glance to the empty cabin where he had stayed for the last 10 years (uh yeah, it took that long!). He should be excited to go back, but as he stood there a rush of nostalgia struck him. About the good time they had, about the hard beginning where they had to gain the trust of the tribe, and about the adventure that had come to an end.
    That was when he stepped on the flag, the flag that was kind of forgotten but held a big importance in his adventure. That flag was made by a good friend to serve as a reminder that his life was a big adventure and to look at the flag when he felt down on his trip, which he did — a lot — at the beginning of this journey. So it kinda reminds him again that though his work is completed here, beyond that door lies another world, to explore.

    Whew that ends up long, I’m sorry if it’s bad, I just kinda type whatever pops first to my head. 😀

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