The Sunlight Beamed

Bright Sunlight Rays Wide Desktop Background

Walking along the sidewalk,

Squinting at the sun’s glare,

She suddenly smiled.


The smile spread to

Her round, flushed cheeks,

Lifted the corner of her eyes,

And sparkled her gaze,

Magnifying every feature

Of her face




The rays beamed

Onto her skin,

And she felt heat radiate

To every part of her body,

Swelling inside her organs,

Providing her with

Newfound ecstasy.


The heart seemed to pump

At a greater volume,

Circulating magic elixir

Which made

The fingers tingle,

The feet dance,

The brain electrify—


Awaken, they shouted,

From the monotony,

The stupor of days that dragged

Into a shapeless mass—


Create, they insisted,

Something grand and magnificent.

Give to this world

New structures, wisdom, and beauty.

Do in this world

What has never been done.


Become, they reminded,

One who not only takes

But gives,

One who not only reflects

But absorbs,


One who can hold the world




In the palm of her hands,




The beating hearts,

The broken dreams,

The lost hopes,

The violent ends,


And mend


All that she can.




Running across the sidewalk,

She laughed,


A laugh that overwhelmed her heart

With joy,


Vibrated her bones,

Reverberated throughout the land,

Traveled to the sun,

And back.



She was a presence that could be



An energy that could be



A force that should be

Reckoned with.




  1. she was everything and nothing
    she was beautiful ❤ brave…

    loved the poem.. the meaning of Sonder beaming right at me as I came to your page made me so happy. loved the tiny detail. wonderful blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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