Alone on a quiet night

Candle lit dim room, pen and paper. Scribbling thoughts. Scattered. As your insides settle, mind rests in the quiet still of night. So alone, you cannot hear a single howl of wind. So alone, your heart sighs with relief –  no one to possess it, no one to fantasize. So alone, the wavering flames are like dead souls yearning for another life. So alone, your thoughts attack your mind like a parasite. Unrepressed, they escape your skull’s crevices to haunt you. So alone, you observe the human race from a distance. How silly and ignorant social interactions can be. You detach from the chaos. You find your own quiet. An artificial stillness. You pass through this earth, only to leave it.


  1. Your poignant post is haunting especially since our world changed in ways we never imagined shortly after…I hope all is well…I’m reaching out to bloggers who haven’t posted in a wee while. Take care…


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