Corkscrews and a Half

sometimes the world spins for you,

the clock ticks for two,

and she radiates– beaming, laughing, dancing,

but sometimes the tightness in her chest

is like a corkscrew– twisting, turning, trapping,

it radiates up her neck, contorts her face,


they say fake smiles are asymmetrical

you can’t hide pain,

in vain, she masks the tormented knots, tightening

with every turn,

guttural screams, agony,

asking why the world spins lopsided,

why the clock does not tick on time,

why she sits in the shadow, still asking

why, why





Been forever since I’ve posted something, life is just really taking me by the wheel and not giving me enough alone time and introspection to write. This summer might be quite a stressful time period, heck I feel like “busy” has been the norm for forever now. Perhaps in the midst of it, some “from the heart” poems will arise.

Missed you guys, and this community. So while posts may be sporadic these couple of months, know that I’m not going anywhere 😉




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