Beauty redefined



Beauty is not perfection, but rather the embrace of one’s scars




Beauty in our society, especially for women, has become such a coveted goal. Oftentimes makeup, surgery, etc. emphasize the attainment of beauty via perfection. By covering our blemishes with foundation, “fixing” that less than ideal feature with surgery, making ourselves look like that ideal image, we think we can become beautiful. And with that, we think we can be loved. But really, much of aesthetic beauty is socially constructed. That’s why different cultures have different traits that they consider beautiful. For instance, Americans like being tan, whereas certain Easterners like lighter skin.

Thus, true beauty is more than skin deep. It is more of a mindset. True beauty is embracing the human inside us, instead of trying to look like some supernatural goddess. So next time you’re feeling insecure about a perceived flaw, or an acne scar, remember that accepting the imperfections can often make you feel more beautiful.

And that goes for inner beauty too. You don’t need to have a perfect life or “everything together.” Everyone gets bruised here and there. But ultimately, it is the struggles and the imperfect aspects of your life that will mold you into a stronger and more beautiful character.

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Would also love to hear any opinions that you guys have on this subject ❤





  1. The struggles that we go through in a bid to shape our inner Self is worth a million stones of pure diamond for they work to awaken the subtle consciousness dormant within us and that’s what brings all the resplendence you have explained.
    This is a very enlightening piece of writing.

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  2. This is so beautifully written. Searching for perfection is a waste of time in my opinion because it is not only unattainable given its subjectivity, but incapable of bringing about long term fulfilment. I.e., fixing your nose won’t bring true friendships into your life, writing a to-do list won’t place your life back on track. I definitely agree that we should try and embrace imperfections rather than hiding them. Thank you for sharing this! ❤

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