Solving for Gravity

The merry-go-round spins, and I

can never choose which to ride–

the purple unicorn was a metaphor

that I keep trying to understand,

like how

my personification of the geese

was a distraction

from feeling too much that night.

By the bridge, I swore

to never imagine myself falling,

but like centripetal force keeps the merry-go-round

in circles,

gravity was an inevitable part of

our equation:

You did not know which side to add me,

and I

must have solved for x wrong.


Comments and feedback are much appreciated 🙂


  1. I sincerely enjoyed reading your poem! I think the very best part of it was your use of enjambment. You also had fantastic imagery! 🙂

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      • I think that’s the best trick when it comes to writing poetry! 😉 Because every single time without fail that I try to add “poetry tools” while writing turns into a train wreck. 😄 Thanks for commenting back!

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      • Hmm maybe! other times though, i feel like purposefully using tools also improves me as a writer. and makes me more conscious and self critical. perhaps a good balance is needed!

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      • Ooh, yes you’re right. Perhaps I’m only thinking of all the times when I attempted using tools and the negative results. Good point! Balance is always needed. 😃

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  2. Another great poem. I love the ending “You did not know which side to add me, and I must have solved for x wrong”. Such a good mix of art and math! It makes me wonder again where your inspiration comes from and what your interpretation of the poem is!

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    • thanks so much! the solve for x line was inspired by a poem i read a while back. and the physics/math aspect is probably mcat studying seeping into my poetry haha 😂 With regards to interpretation, i wrote the poem trying to make sense of a recent break up- in which i felt like i read him and the relationship wrong. and out of curiosity, how did u interpret the poem?

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      • Ah, I feel that should have been more obvious to me! I am sorry to hear about the break-up, but happy to read your interpretation on it. I was thinking more of a bad life event (like the death of a loved one) that left the person feeling like they couldn’t move on even thought the rest of the world expected them to. Maybe things were left unfinished and that led to a great sadness and sense of loss, or maybe they felt responsible some how. I feel like that is getting much to sad though! Also, good luck with the mcat! I almost went to med school (I took the mcat, pcat, and gre… I didn’t know what I wanted to do!), but ended up in a PhD program instead after two years of reflection post-college!

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      • What a great interpretation of the poem! i’m always hesitant to blantantly tell readers my personal interpretation of the piece because I think part of appreciating art is adding one’s personal interpretations! definitely no right or wrong 😀 And I’m so impressed that you took all of those exams haha. glad u ultimately found the best path for u!

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