Thank you 100


Hey everyone! This is a thank you post to all of you who have been reading my writing. I truly appreciate the support and love. It still amazes me that my blog only began at the end of June. It feels like I have been at wordpress so much longer. As of right now, 105 wordpress suscribers!!! AHHH. By the way, to avoid confusion, the number of followers in the right sidebar is inaccurate– it takes into account my facebook friends, which is about 900. Still haven’t figured out how to change it. 😛

Starting this blog has been the best decision that I made this summer. It has given me a sense of self amidst a time in which I was altering my college path. I was confused about what I wanted most out of university, disappointed with aspects of my internship, and worried that I was prioritizing the wrong things. Writing made me content. It gave me purpose. It provided me stability when my own mind was an uncontrollable storm.

At the same time, the experience brought me out of my comfort zone. I did considered myself a “writer” until now because my writing was always for myself. Sharing them felt like sharing pieces of my diary, my heart. Although I have an open personality with friends and family, for whatever reason, I never told or showed them my writing. Now that my writing is out here for public viewing, this part of me is no longer hidden. And my writing pieces (which I like to affectionately dub my ‘babies’) have been released into the world.

I have since realized that there is something empowering about this self-exposure. There is a vulnerability to sharing ourselves that is vital to a life of love and connection. I am so grateful to have experienced it through this blog. We may not have met face to face, but through this sharing, we are connected. We are connected through our appreciation for  writing, photography, art, communication, connection.

So before I continue rambling, and make this into a long essay, thank you guys. Thank you for making me feel so accepted into this community. Thank you for the kind comments, fun challenges, and amazing writing. I am beyond excited to continue this budding journey with you.

If you have any writing that you’d like feedback on, a new blog, thoughts, etc. that you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments!


  1. Such a wonderful accomplishment ❤️ getting over the fear of rejection and failure and continually facing it head on when it does resurface. Congratulations Sonderwriter!

    Like you said, such a loving and accepting community really does wonders for helping to turn that uncertainty into growth and fun 🙂

    So much love from you all in such a short time!

    If anyone would like some writing inspiration, here’s my latest post.


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