Poem Sharing: Post-Factual Love Poem

Hey guys here’s a poem that I’ve been enjoying recently! I’m thinking about starting a “poem sharing” series, in which I post a poem that I recently discovered and love. I really related to this poem about three weeks ago, when going through a break-up. For others going through a similar process, or have experienced it, you may especially enjoy it. If you have any favorite poems or recent finds, let everyone know in the comments 🙂

Post-Factual Love Poem

Paul Guest

I’m thinking of the boiling sea
and the dream in which
all the fish were singing.
I want to wake up with my heart
not aching like death,
but I am always falling
in to terror. I’m a good person.
I grieve to appropriate degrees.
I mourn this season. This moment.
I mourn for the polar bear
drifting out of history
on a wedge of melting ice.
For the doughnut shop
which reached an end
yesterday, after decades and decades.
I’m thinking of the light
at dawn. Of the woman
in Alabama who ordered
six songbirds from a catalog because
she was lonely. Or
heartbroken. I’m thinking
of the four that came
dead in the box, mangled.
Of the two that are
missing. I want to tell you
that they were spotted
in the humid air
winging above a mall.
I want to tell you a story
about the time leaves fell from
the trees all at once. I am
thinking of cataclysm.
More than anything, I want to tell you
this. I want to disappear
in the night. I want
the night to vanish from memory.
I want to tell you
how this happened.

Originally published at poem-a-day


  1. This is such a good and kind idea to share people’s poetry! This one is so bittersweet but beautiful at the same time. Just found your blog and now going to binge read all your posts!!

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