Tormented beast

I am a high strung morning temper that simmers into midday calm

I am black liquid eyeliner, smoldered sexy with eye shadow

I am a ceaseless chatter of mellow and rich that perk up when excited,

I am the easy laugh that finds everything funny

I am an only child, only grandchild, only girl amidst male cousins,

I am only

the people who love me

the look you give me- wide, innocent, awestruck, confused(?)

I am arms that stretch fruitlessly to become wings

I am a hopeless over-thinker
I think I may (or may not) have loved you

at times.


I replay the stupid things

and hate that your sweatshirt

still smells like you,

I am a cover up of laughter, jokes, composure.

beneath see the disheveled

tormented beast that keeps








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