Spanish Cuisine and Culture :)

As promised, I have a collection of my food experiences in Spain for you guys :). Unlike Americans, the Spanish eat a small breakfast, and a larger lunch at 2-3 pm, and dinner at 9 pm. So overall, food is pushed back at a later time. Since most people will get out of work by 3 pm, they usually eat lunch after work. During work, they’ll eat a snack and have coffee around 12 or whenever there’s time. I’ve had the most trouble getting accustomed to the small breakfast and late lunch schedule….always so hungry and listless in the morning 😛  Overall though, I’ve been really enjoying the food. I like how it tends to be homegrown, natural, and less strongly flavored (especially the sugary foods). And since I’m in Pontevedra, which is located at the northwest coast, there’s a lot of seafood. And I love me some seafood 🙂

Octopus (called “pulpo” in Spanish) is especially popular in Pontevedra. It’s pretty rich and has a good chew haha. I had it one of my first days here, and honestly thought the plate was apples and grapes at first. Little did I realize that it was potatoes and octopus. A bit wrong, oops.

Continuing on with seafood… I believe the photo below is of a heron? Don’t remember exactly what kind of fish this is. Also served with potatoes. This kind of a dish seems to be pretty popular here.

I also had some Mexican food in Spain…yeah pretty interesting experience. Below is some pulled pork with some kind of radish like vegetable. My first dish (before this one) was a tostada, which looked similar to this, except instead of tortilla is a harder piece of bread.

LOVED this meal. On the left is a salad, and on the right is scrambled eggs with squid and salmon (scrambled eggs are called “revueltos”). Was deliciousss.

Here is a chicken sandwich that I got from a local, family owned shop, a “bocateria.” I’ve been coming to this place really often. It’s fast, good simple food, and cheap. Only like 2-3 euros per sandwich. The orange juice pictured is also freshly squeezed 🙂

Below is white wine and scrambled eggs with veggies. Not sure what kind of vegetables they are- taste like spinach but look more like bok choy. If anyone knows what it is, let me know!

And lastly, can’t forget about desert! This was a three chocolate cake. Pretty yummy.

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