Time Slips Away


When hours slip like

wet balloons, and a heart beats

as if being chased


Running from demons

no one else can see, always

hovering, dormant


Until the balloon

pops, then silent battle, here

is a heart that shakes


And runs until the

rest of the world is the size

of a penny, and


the demons are again

sleeping in wet balloons.



My second try at a poem with haiku stanzas! I’m really liking the dry, cut feel of them. It also helps me make my pieces less wordy. If you like this style, you can check out my first attempt at a haiku stanza poem: Kill it Softly. 

The poem depicts the way I feel when time seems to fly by. It usually leaves me with an icky feeling of stress, especially if I had a lot planned for the day. What are your reactions when you realize you procrastinated or wasted time doing nothing? Would love to make this blog more interactive 🙂 So please feel free to leave a comment with whatever thoughts you have!





  1. Amazingly described!
    I have the feeling at the end of almost everyday myself and yes,it feels terrible but then I do end up being optimistic about the next day only to curse myself again the next night 😦

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