Change (a rambling & update)

Now that life has finally mellowed more, I’ve been thinking more about how I want to continue with writing, and my blog sites. This blog has been a pride and joy – and it was liberating to have a space online to share my poetry. For anyone who doesn’t know, I started Sonder Stories almost three years ago, during a summer when I felt discontent with the internship I was in. As a way to deal with feeling trapped and unsatisfied, I wrote … a lot. It started with some short stories, then grew into more and more poetry. But within these three years, I have changed and grown. It’s crazy how much growth can happen during your time at college.

And from these three years, I have also noticed patterns in my blogging/writing habits. The foremost pattern is that I stop creative writing all-together when my schoolwork and social life becomes busier. But once life empties itself of burdens and immediate deadlines, I crave a space to write and hone this hobby. Another pattern is that my writing on this site has become more and more sporadic. And stagnant. I just do not always have that spark to write a random poetry piece. Sometimes, I want to write about something else. About my other passions and hobbies. That was what inspired my recent blog: Art of Medicine. But I can easily imagine how two blogs at once will stretch me too thin.

So, I think I will expand this blog to include my other passions: running, medicine, etc. And see if that will help maintain this original site. There will likely be more personal ramblings on day-to-day thoughts, just like personal bloggers do. And there will also be tidbits of advice for premed writers out there. Stay tuned 🙂


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