Spread the love for my new blog!

Hi everyone,

I recently created a new blog, called “Sonder Medicine” to share and educate others about health, wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, and all that good stuff. If you guys are into that stuff, please check out my new site. I have one post up so far about New Years Resolutions. And have many more planned 🙂

I really hope that the new site can inspire others to not only value their fitness and health- because it’s all so related to how you feel- but also to be critical of the crazy amount of information that we’re bombarded with every day. As an aspiring physician, I hope that the information and advice I provide will be backed by some proven science!

Here’s the link!    Sonder Medicine 


Also, if anyone has tips on how to manage more than one site under my one user account, please let me know.



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