Beach walking


Two figures walked along the beach. He wore a red beanie that tamed the wild blond curls underneath, and hid a smashed beer can—flat and circular—in his hand. She had on a tank top with hakuna matata written, and made futile attempts to keep her long black hair out of her face.

They had been conversing for a while, and were now walking in comfortable silence.

“You know those moments that you wish you could remember forever?” She stared ahead, trying to ingrain the landscape into her mind. In front of them was an endless beach, lit with an evening glow, lined with humble colorful houses.

“Yeah, is this one of them?”


This has definitely been the longest amount of time that I have not posted. I blame hectic college life and finals. But all that is done, and I am back! And will be posting religiously for the next three months since it’s summer time 🙂 Here’s a narrative/story of one of my beach trip memories. I had promised about two months ago to write about the trip once I had time to process it. So here’s a snippet of the spring break vacation that felt surreal and magical and out of this world! Parts of it may or may not have been altered slightly for a fictional twist.

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