I could never dive

on command,

timing is hard

when height creates

irrational fear and weak knees.

Chin tucked to chest

meant the waters were hidden

and only

edges of

the man-made




Images of a bloody head

against the


made me tremble

more than the

wavering board.


I want to swim

in your waters,

but I have never

been good at jumping in.

Potential catastrophe,

broken pieces,

swollen eyelids

consume my thoughts.


But it is funny

how even with



the body can fall lopsided.

You can do everything


and end up


in a corner,


Perhaps in weak form,

the dive is so


that you will

end up


As always, I hope you guys enjoy this piece. In an attempt to make this blog more interactive, leave in the comments what you’re often hesitant about diving headfirst into! Have you gotten better about it throughout the years? Do you think it has prevented you from certain experiences, has protected you, or both?

If you want me to check out your blog, leave a link the comments, and I’ll be sure to!

Love y’all 🙂


  1. I think for me it is never a question of what it was that I dived into but rather how did I? If it was an ameliorated jump then I can finally move deeper into the waters to overcome that next challenge. Impetuousness is my main enemy though — always wanting things done right now. I think that impatience has always been something I’ve struggled with, what do you think helps quiet it?

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    • Hmm I also sometimes find myself impatient when it comes to challenges/goals. I find that reminding yourself that everything takes time helps. And valuing the process/experience rather than the end goal!

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