Love Me Softly


Unfold me for a little while, and

Caress the pages in your hand.

Read these tales, carefully,

Thoughtfully, between the lines–

Find the message others forget to

Look for.

The titles, they do not mean a thing,

The pictures, not worth as much as you think.

The carefully wrapped package, crafted to be


Not understood

Is only part of the story.


But do not read too deep,

Do not find the faults I cannot


The meanings I failed to



Love me softly

So that my faults are revealed


My demons unleashed


My thoughts forever a mystery

To your perplexed



Love me steadily

So that you are never surprised

Yet constantly amazed,

A constant rhythm of wonder

Beating between two hearts

In sync.

And I will love you

Careful, at first,

So as not to delude,

To remember that you are

Human too,

An imperfect being—

I will love you less deep, at first,

So your imperfections do not scare me,

Your rarities do not shut me off.

I will love gently, so

The love lasts a continuous stream, so

It is not cut abruptly by the delusions of my

Psyche, the rationale of my

Mind, the cross-marks that accumulate

As every side of your soul is revealed,

And I,




I will love you softly too,

So you become a constant

Rock, and the strange ridges can be

Familiar in my hand.


Let me unfold your pages,

And read the spaces


The words.


Let me pronounce the

Vowels of your name

In sweet indulgence,

Until it rolls off my tongue



Let me love you

Like you will love me,

Carefully at first,

Thoughtfully, between the lines

Until our songs become


Our thoughts

In sync

And our stories become



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