Peeled Apart

Act 1. Creation of the layers

She rises from her bed with a groan;

Splashes water, cold, to feel something.

Paints the layers of her face:

Concealer, dab and smooth;

Eyeliner, darken;

Eye shadow, smoldered- into a smoke of hidden intentions.

Collared shirt, blazer, pencil skirt.

Coat of lipstick- a shade darker than the pink underneath.

Bag.  Laptop. Coffee.

Another look in the mirror.

Check of the bag.

She walks out the door with a smile.


Act 2 Scene 1. No Peels

Her steps resonate the hall.

Click. Clack. Click.

Determined, fast, productive.

Coffee in one hand, purse in other, smile on face,

A “Good morning, how was your weekend?”

Nods. Light chatter. Contained laughter.

Sits down. Scribbles a checklist.

Rhythmic typing like a soundless keyboard.


Act 2 Scene 2-  The Peeling Begins

A barely audible sigh;

Furrowed brows, bent shoulders,

The knot in her stomach is uncontainable.


The rhythm breaks;

The keyboard resonates inharmonious notes.

“Are you okay?” A worried look.

“Fine, thank you” An asymmetric smile.


He stands facing her.

“I’m leaving. Sorry”

Denial, anger, hatred.

Heat emanates from her core,

She spits words that burn.

He winces;

She walks away.


Act 3- Layer-less

The door slams;

Alone at last.

A wave of emotion

Ripples through her limp body,

Spills from her moist eyes;

A flood begins. Uncontainable, it

Dissolves the smoldered eyes,

Washes away the dark lips,

Reveals her sleepless night.


Ice cream in one hand, her heart in the other,

She cries, and eats away the emptiness.





Inspired by DailyPost Prompt- Layers.



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