Hello! Welcome to Sonder Stories. I’m a college student who is a creative writing fanatic on her free time. I was crazy about writing poems in high school and have literally a notebook and a half of handwritten poems in my room back at home. Hopefully as time goes on, I’ll be able to type them up and fill this blog with some of my past poems as well as new ones. After reading a book of Joseph Heller’s short stories, I was inspired to start writing short stories of my own and fell in love with it. A lot of my short stories are very short, written” free-handedly” in one day, usually within 2 hours. I hope to share some of my work with fellow writers and everyone who enjoys a good poem or story once in a while. Any feedback would be greatly welcomed, please feel free to leave comments or message me personally! If you’re also a writer and have a blog site, I would be more than happy to visit it.