I am not jigsaw

Life is a riddle I can never figure out,

feeling of oddity in every motion picture,

spastic exhaustion, too frazzled to fall asleep,

my heart running away from me

and certainly not towards happiness.

If we all die one day then why are we so sad living? 

If you knew your life from start to finish, would you do it?

If I find you cute, then why do I ignore you?

If you find me cute, why do you look away? 

Most days, I cannot get my mouth to say the right word,

Some days, I do not feel like talking,

Other days, I want to lay my body on clouds and drift, 

No days do I know who I am or ought to be

because what is the fun in that?

Life is a 1000-piece jigsaw,

I was absolute shit at those.

If we all die someday,

I want to die unbroken.

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