Haiku – a – Day Challenge

Hello! I have decided to challenge myself in writing one haiku every day …. for a full year. The theme will be emotions. I chose to focus on emotions for a couple of reasons. 1) I can be in such different emotional spaces in the span of a week (and even a day). So understanding these fluctuations, and really taking note of them and examining my moods through writing could produce some interesting works. 2) This coming year will be a monumental one for me- with various changes and big life decisions. For one thing, I’m applying to medical school this cycle- which can be an emotional whirlwind in its own right. And, I will be living in a completely new city after graduation, and experiencing a whole new lifestyle. So the emotions will be rampant. 3) Emotions are so innately human- such a fundamental part of the human condition. And many of us do not give them enough credit. In this day and age, logic is often ruled as superior to emotion. There’s a bad rapt given to people who are “overly emotional,” and therefore ‘irrational.” But I think we can all benefit from appreciating the depths of our emotions- the good and the bad- and accept them for their role in enriching our lives.


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