Believe in the impossible

Faith is not believing in something,

it is the unrelenting willingness to believe in anything



Adding some quotes into the mix along with my usual creative writing pieces!

I came up with this quote a couple of days ago, while thinking about how so much of what we now know as “facts” sounded insane to people thousands of years ago. Take gravity, or the idea that Earth is round. We can’t see or even really feel gravity, yet its existence is so ingrained in us that we assume it to be true. But it was a crazy concept for people in the past.

Now, what if, fast forward to a thousand years in the future, and concepts that we currently can’t wrap our heads around are “proven” to be true? How much of what we think is insane right now is actually not impossible? What if there are alternate realities, ghosts, souls, and other unimaginable forces in the world that govern our existence? Since we don’t and never will know for sure what exists, why not believe in the impossible? Why not believe in the good of humanity, that things will work out, that spiritual forces exist, that deceased relatives are out there looking over us? At the very least, why not be willing to believe and live with an open mind and heart.

So that was the long and eye-opening thought-process behind this quote. I think faith is commonly thought to consist of adhering to a religion, and blindly believing in this one thing that we are raised or conditioned to believe. Many times it’s what gives us comfort. But really, true faith is the acceptance that truth is not always set in stone. True faith is being willing to accept new ideas and the audacious– because in the long run, nothing is impossible.



  1. Love this! I think that true faith comes from goodness. Faith can be dangerous especially when born out of pain, fear and despair. A lot of cultish and hypernationalistic movements prey on fear and disappointment and this has lead some truly babaric consequences. Therefore when we decide to believe in anything, it is first important to determine where that faith is coming from. Is it from a void you’re looking to fill or a genuine place of goodness and well meaning? Even well intentioned beliefs can take a turn for the worst as we’ve seen with religion.

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    • Very true! blind faith can definitely be dangerous. in so many aspects of life, we see that decisions that arise from fear or void more easily result in negative outcomes. i especially like your point about how well intentioned beliefs can also turn bad!

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      • I more or less use it interchangeably but it is an interesting distinction. When I looked it up, it said that faith implies an unwavering devotion and is also deeply rootes in trust e.g being ‘faithful’ while belief is more a habit or state of mind and doesn’t imply the blind devotion that faith does.

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      • Good. There are two types of faith. Blind faith and true faith. I advocate for the latter, where in your waking state you are able to recognize stuff or people that will lead you to the ultimate Truth.

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