Steady me, don’t crack

under pressurized air,

so fine a line

between happy and

“nothing is going right,”


Sing me

a lullaby about finding beauty

in my cracks, my rough edges, my scars


Sometimes there is no rhyme,

or reason

in the song–

just a deep riveting sadness

that keeps you entrenched,

thirsty for more.


Still, I etch the words into my heart–

wishing, trying, hoping

to find what I am looking for.




Said I might not have time to post…but even my monotonously busy/stressful schedule these next couple of weeks isn’t stoppin me. My writing mind doesn’t understanding the definition of priority haha 😉

Regardless, you guys keep me sane and motivated– really appreciating having this community in my life ❤


  1. These words flow ~ and it all makes sense with the below three lines you’ve written:
    so fine a line
    between happy and
    “nothing is going right,”

    It is this fine line we walk along every day, and how easily it can be to flow between these two worlds. Great writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like your idea of flowing between two worlds – it makes the feelings feel more like temporary locations. and detached from ourselves! probably a healthier way to view the shifts. thanks so much for stopping by!


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