Truth be told

I do not want to know

The workings of your mind,

I am scared of what I will



In mine is a

Beating heart, out of line

So spin me around

And stay a while,

Two drifting souls

that meet, dance, float apart.

This feeling of perpetual gravitation

Is in the body,

Not the mind,

Energy that flows from me

To the universe–

One dimensional,


It suffocates me awake,

Poisons my lungs

Sends shivers down my spine,

The air you breath, the words you speak

Terrify me.


I never wanted this


I was content to be


Yet now I cannot escape

The truth,

Cannot hide from myself

Any longer.


Naive and reluctant,

I admit,

You made me laugh

When nothing was funny,

You passed the riddles

To my tests,


You were unlike

The others,

So stay here

A little longer.


Maybe this time,

We will never

Float apart.





Can also be found on Daily Post Vanish


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