Current Writing Loves

As a new wordpress blogger, I am awed by the support system that fellow writers of all kind have created here. I really appreciate the lovely comments that I have received this past month– never would I have expected all this love so early on in my website’s creation.

Furthermore, I have enjoyed a plethora of amazing writing-such great poems, short stories, and challenge response- this community is so talented!!!  The amount of great writing that I have read recently has inspired me to create a new type of post: every week (or maybe every month haha!), I will list my favorite creative writing pieces from other bloggers.

So without further ado, here we go!


The Last True Enchanter by Elan Mudrow (This poem was phenomenal. Such a wonderfully interwoven piece- amazing language and lines. Definitely one of my favorite poems of all time. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. Warning: you will most likely reread, and reread, and reread)

Claudius by A Sea of Illusions (A short, but haunting poem. Every word is pieced together delicately, leaving the reader craving more)

Short Story-

I: Suicide Room by Automatic Ema (A bewitching science fiction story. Has a very dark undertone. And though it’s science fiction, the story feels so realistic and raw)

Day of Birth / Night Crawlers by The Magic Black Book (Beautiful, heart wrenching story into the human psyche. I really love the creative formatting too.)

Stay  by Lynn Love at the Word Shamble (Amazingly concocted story. Despite the strong emotions throughout the story, and the uncertain ending of a character, the ending leaves you feeling strangely content)


  1. Thank you, Tianyi for the lovely comment and for sharing my story with your followers. You are absolutely right -it’s a wonderfully supportive community and built of some terrifically talented people. Welcome to WP I know you’ll have a great time. All the best 🙂

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