Spirit to Survive

Remember that poetry journal I mentioned in my “About the Writer Post?” Well here’s a poem from that book that I wrote back in 2014…can’t believe it’s been two years. :O

If you’re ever down or at a low point in your life, I hope the poem inspires you to push through it. Things will work out, and you’ll end up a stronger person. 🙂


April 13, 2014


This is how

I breath

When the waves crash down

And I’m lost at sea,

Head up, kick. Don’t drown.


This is how

I walk

After a thousand miles

Of going nowhere,

Step, just step. You’re somewhere.


This is how

I smile

When everything is wrong,

Stars won’t stay a while,

Imagine the sky– gone.


This is how

I pretend

That life is okay,

This is how

I keep a straight face.


Save the tears for lonely nights

When my presence is

Out of sight.


The world crumbles,

The sun fades,

The sky falls,

The waves crash

to a new low;


But I will not break,

I will not cry,


This is how

I survive.


  1. Certainly inspirational and very beautifully written. I really like the way you follow through the different situations. (In your second line, you need to add an ‘e’ to breath to make it into breathe.)


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