on Edge


She can feel the empty space on either side of her, producing insecurity and nausea– her limbs are suddenly too long and unstable, and they tremble as she lifts her paw.

Soon, her steps become a methodical rhythm, and the possibility of a misstep produces a surge of adrenaline that fuels her tired body.

Heart beating rapidly, she takes a deep breath and sees the faint outline of a red house, comfortably familiar and patiently awaiting.

Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week 70! Hope you guys enjoy this piece! I’ve recently been thinking about how much of what we choose to do has some degree of risk to it. Especially those involving a far-reaching goal in the future, romantic relationships, or even traveling to another place. But many times it is these “risky” decisions that can be the most fruitful. 🙂

Please leave in the comments below what decisions you’ve made have had associated risks but also worthwhile outcomes! And as usual, I would greatly appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism.

Love ya guys ❤


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