Swallowed Alive


Sheer density of the humid air left her gasping.

For quite some time, she had felt confined by the hollow spaces, pestered with incoherent thoughts, drained by emotions that gnawed at her heart.

The stagnant waters were calm yet threatening, and a breeze created uncharacteristic ripples before she jumped.


This piece has some darker tones, which I had a lot of fun writing. Hope you guys like it 🙂



Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week Fifty One


  1. There is darkness inside all of us, that part of our soul that is irreparably damaged by the very trials and tribulations of life. We are what we are because of it, or perhaps in spite of it. Some use it as a shield to hide behind, others as an excuse to do unconscionable things. But, truly, the darkness is simply a piece of the whole, neither good nor evil unless you make it so.
    PS – That ending was unexpected.

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