Sunset for a New Beginning



This is it, he thinks, watching the sun set in the horizon as the ferry carries him away from the land he called home.

He does not know what the future will entail, where he will be, nor how he can build a life out of dirt, sand, and twigs, and the uncertainty begins to induce both fear and exhilaration.

Nevertheless, optimism lies deep in his heart, providing comfort that tomorrow will be a good day, and that the morning sunrise will even more beautiful than tonight’s sunset.



Inspired by the weekly prompt Three Line Tales  by Sonya at

It was my first time doing a prompt like this, and I have to say there’s difficulty in expressing everything you want in just three lines! I had a great time writing it though, and hope you guys enjoy the read. The comments link is above the post, feel free to leave some feedback 🙂

Stay awesome,

  • Tianyi


    • Yeah I wanted to end with an uplifting message because my previous poem and stories ended on a darker note! Besides, endings aren’t always bad. Sometimes things have to end to make room for more amazing opportunities 🙂

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  1. A great little piece and very well crafted. I particularly like the way you use the idea of the sun setting on his old life and the morning sunrise to signify the start of a (hopefully) better future for him.
    (I should have read this post before I commented on your About page. I see you already do some of the challenges. Good for you.)

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      • I’ll try to pop on your blog whenever I can – and I’ll let you know which stories I like. I hope to be participating in some of the challenges myself again soon. I stopped doing them while I was busy writing two books (one of them, a book of flash fiction pieces). That’s finished now, so I’ve just the one book to get finished. A little more time, at least. 🙂


      • Most of my posts nowadays tend to be travel and history ones. I haven’t wanted to write stories/flash while I’be been doing my books. I really miss the challenges, particularly FFfAW.
        Your writing is very creative. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far. 🙂

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